Saliva Interview Debut!

Missing Saliva Interview Found

SalivaAnother interview slipped through the cracks and I found myself having to transcribe it again for the second time. This Saliva interview is the first time it has ever been published anywhere.

This interview was interesting because Saliva’s management had originally scheduled me to interview the new guitarist Jon Montoya. At the time of the scheduled interview, management approached me and said, “Jon can’t make it, you will be interviewing Josey.” Normally this would have been devastating news for me, I had just spent the last two days studying to specifically talk to Jon not Josey! I can’t just do an interview on the fly, I have to be prepared.

My only saving grace was the fact that I am a huge Saliva fan and pretty much knew everything about them. I ripped up my questions and said, “I can do this!” Josey was the one I wanted to talk to anyway.

So for the very first time in my interview history I approached my subject (Josey) with no questions on paper! I feel it turned out pretty good for flying by the seat of my pants so to speak.

The interview can be seen here:

Saliva Interview