Socialburn Interview


Michelle LaRose talks to Dusty Price and Brandon Bittner for Metal Masters
Photographs by Michelle LaRose

Hi I’m Michelle. Welcome to Metal Masters. Thanks for staying up with us this late. Tonight our special guest is going to be Socialburn here at Boomerz Boiler Room. Tonight I’m talking with Brandon and Dusty.

SocialburnMM: Dusty. I’ve interviewed you quite a few times and for anybody who doesn’t know, you guys are Floridians!

Dusty: Exactly. In the northern panhandle around Blountstown, it’s close to Tallahassee and Panama City.

MM: Very cool. Floridians right here with us. Now Brandon, You guys are fresh out of the studio from making a new album?

Brandon: Yes we are. We just got finished in Orlando with a good guy. Can I say his name? I never know the rules on this stuff. His name is James Wisner and his phone number is…

[Michelle laughing]

MM: When are we going to see this album? When can we expect it? Is it still in the works?

Brandon: Yes, it’s still in the works. I don’t even know if these are just demos or we’re using them on the real record. I don’t know anything. I never know anything.

[Dusty laughing]

MM: Dusty. You actually had quite a bit of success with your first album, Where You Are. Do you feel pressure with the second album to make it as good if not better?

Dusty: Well not really. I feel like we have more freedom because now we get to write the way we want to write. We don’t have to copy a certain style. We don’t have to be a certain something. We can just write as it goes, and that is Socialburn.

MM: Is this second album going to feel a lot like the first album or have you done anything different?

Brandon: Oh, like all the bands say, [deepening voice] “I think it’s the next level. I think it’s more mature.” We learned a lot being out on the road last time. We went through a lot of weird experiences that really kind of make you grow up, in a way, in one form or fashion. But I think that comes out in that and it’s just going to be raw and pluaaaaah!

[Michelle laughing]

MM: It’s going to be “Pluaaaaah!”

[All laugh]

MM: You guys are between labels now? Have you got another label yet?

Dusty: Not at the moment. That’s why we’re getting these songs done. We want to have the album finished before hand so we can go shop it and have it all done. That way we won’t have to waste any time. You know. We can just get down to it.

MM: You probably have a lot of songs where you have to cut it down to just twelve right?

Brandon: Yeah. That’s been the fun part about it doing song after song after song [yelling] and being told you suck!

MM: Who says that? Not me!

Brandon: No, I’m just kidding.

[Everyone laughs]

MM: Next question! You guys are pretty good friends with Seether?

Dusty: Oh yeah man. Yeah.

SocialburnMM: I’ve heard there’s a lot of antics going around. What is the Socialburn Official Fan Club?

Dusty: I don’t know.

MM: He doesn’t know.

Dusty: I have no idea.

Brandon: I am the Official Socialburn Fan Club mascot!

MM: You are?

Brandon: There’s just a big picture of me doing this… [maniacally grinning into camera].

[Michelle laughs]

MM: Now I want to hear about some of these Seether antics. What you have done to each other.

Brandon: Well they did something to us one time. The bus had no air conditioning, as usual. They took a bunch of meat like bologna and turkey and lined the inside of the bus with it and it just like stayed in there all day long. Somehow they got a key, got in and did that. So that was cooool.

[Michelle laughs]

MM: Now you were telling me earlier before we started filming about some phone fun you were having last night. I’ve got to hear about this.

Brandon: I’ve been really kind of down today because I did something that I completely regret! But anyway… We stayed up last night, we were a little bored. Chris started dialing random numbers and giving me the phone to just say “anything” to them, and I went along with it. He called his Grandfather that he hasn’t even spoken to…

Dusty: [Interjects] He’s never even met him!

Brandon: Never even met the guy. Anyway, I just start freaking out, as if somebody had been hurt or needed some kind of help. I was like crying. It was really intense! He was kind of responding going, [using an elderly voice] “Ahhhh, What? Who? What?” And…

[Dusty laughing]

MM: Brandon! You’re so evil! Picking on this old guy!

Brandon: I don’t want to hear that! I want to hear the opposite!

[Michelle laughing]

Brandon: I want to be… [Growling]

Dusty: Then he called my Step-Mom because I knew my Dad was going to be gone and I made him ask for my Dad. That’s hilarious because she’s a schoolteacher and I’m sure she was just about to wake up.

MM: You guys are so evil. Well with that I’m going to thank you guys for taking time out of your busy schedule to talk with Metal Masters…

Brandon: [Sarcastically] Yeah, we’re real busy!

[Michelle laughing]

MM: For more information you can go to Here we go with the video Down and Socialburn right here on Metal Masters.