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Shadows Fall

Michelle LaRose talks with Brian Fair for Metal Masters
Photographs by Michelle LaRose

Hi this is Michelle. Welcome to Metal Masters. Thanks for staying up with us tonight. Tonight’s special guest is Brian Fair from Shadows Fall.

Shadows FallMM: Brian. You have a new album coming out September 21st, The War Within?

Brian: Yeah totally. We’re stoked. It’s been a while since we recorded a new record. After eighteen months of touring we’re just really excited to write new songs. We spent the last five months at home right after the Headbangers Ball tour and just worked on the whole thing. It just came out amazing! We’re stoked! I’ve been putting a few new tunes on this tour.

MM: That’s great. What can fans expect. Is this going to be like the old Shadows Fall? Are you throwing something new our way? What can we expect?

Brian: We’re pretty much just pushing the sound that we came upon on the last record. The Art Of Balance was a little more thrashy maybe. This one’s a little more like rock-n-roll, a little bit heavier. It’s kind of taking what we’ve always done and just focusing on better songs. Just trying to write great tunes. But a few curve balls here and there, but nothing drastic. We didn’t suddenly add a symphony or a percussion section. [Laughing]

MM: We’re looking forward to it. You just got back from Europe. How did that go?

Brian: Ah! Europe was a pretty great time. We were over there with Kill Switch Engage and Chimiara and God Forbid. We had our good friends with us. The shows were all amazing. It seems like this kind of scene was really blowing up especially in the U.K. and places like that. A lot of the bands like the metal-core bands coming out now are just kind of starting to spread the word over there, show them what’s up with American metal, so it was a good tour.

MM: You just finished shooting a new video for the new album?

Brian: Yep. That was maybe about a week ago, a couple weeks ago. Right before this tour pretty much two days before. We went down to a parking lot next to where Ozzfest rehearsals were at. It was kind of a cool background. I don’t know if you remember the Monkey Business video by Skid Row, kinda’ like an old train yard looking, just decrepit area. So it was a cool shoot and we invited all the bands to come down, we had a barbeque. We pretty much filmed the barbeque of us and the guys from Lamb Of God, Atrayu, Every Time I Die, God Forbid and everybody. Hatebreed came down after they finished sound check and we had a bash. So it was pretty much an excuse to have a party.

Shadows FallMM: That’s great. The video is so new, we don’t even have it. You’re going to have to make sure we get a copy.

Brian: Oh yeah. We just saw the rough-cut the other day. We still have some time. Hopefully we’re going to shoot another video while we’re on this tour and when we get out to the West coast as well. I want to do about four or five videos for this record, so we’ll see.

MM: We’re getting ready to look at Destroyer Of Senses. That’s on You log in and vote for it?

Brian: Yeah exactly. They’re doing a thing about “Best Metal Videos” which is crazy, the fact that they’re even honoring metal videos in any way once again. It’s kinda’ cool. It was a fun video to make. We were locked in a bar in a blizzard with all our friends at our hometown bar. So we just tapped a few kegs and lip synched for a little while. [Laughing] Had a great video and our friend Zach Merrick did a great job with it. So go vote for it.

MM: It sounds like you guys have fun whether you’re out on tour or making a video.

Brian: Yeah, it’s all about being relaxed and having a good time. I mean it’s rock-n-roll. You got to have a few beers and chill out.

MM: For more information on the band go to And now here’s Destroyer Of Senses with Shadows Fall right here on Metal Masters.

Shadows Fall

Shadows Fall