Saliva Interview III

Saliva Interview

Michelle LaRose talks with Josey Scott for Garage Radio Magazine
Photographs by Michelle LaRose

Grammy nominated band Saliva hails from Memphis Tennessee and are currently on tour promoting their new album Blood Stained Love Story. Blood Stained Love Story has already produced and number two hit on the mainstream rock charts, Ladies And Gentlemen.

It’s no surprise that the new album is doing so well so soon. They still carry the momentum of their lat three albums behind them, which produced such hits as Click Click boom, Always and Your Disease.

We were able to sit down with lead singer Josey Scott and discuss the new album, file sharing, his wedding at Elvis Presley’s Graceland and the future Saliva album.

SalivaGR: Josey, you have a new member of the band, Jon, tell us a little bit about Jon.

Josey: He has always been in the band. He filled in for Chris when Chris was in the hospital. Chris just wasn’t the right guy for us. Jonny was, we knew it and he knew it

GR: I have seen him on the internet. I haven’t seen him live yet. He looks like a very colorful character.

Josey: Oh yeah. We’ve always been fans of Nikki Sixx, me and him, ever since we were kids. We do something every day to be more and look more like Nikki Sixx

GR: So you’ve known Jon for a long time?

Josey: Oh yeah. Since we were kids. Since we were fourteen, fifteen years old.

GR: The new album Blood Stained Love Story was leaked to the file sharing network two days before the official release. How do you feel about this?

Josey: I love it.

GR: Really? Why?

Josey: How do you stop an earthquake? How do you stop a tornado? I could care less about that. Whatever gets our music out there in the peoples hands. I don’t care if its free you know. That’s not where we make our money anyway. We make a respectful living playing live shows and selling t-shirts and selling CDs at our shows and publishing and video games and stuff. So let em’ do it. Whatever. We love it.

GR: You don’t think the advent of file sharing is hurting you or the music industry per say?

Josey: No, no. Billy Corgan said back in 1992, “One day music will be free.” and he was right. You cant put your hands on something spiritual like that you know. That’s what faith means. Believing in something that you can’t see. You can put your hands on a CD or an album but music floats through the air. Of course you can take it for free or you can do the noble thing and pay for it. The first time I got on Limewire I was like, “Wow!” I couldn’t resist downloading all my favorite songs since I was a kid. So that’s my response. How do you stop a hurricane? How do you stop an earthquake? You don’t. You just have to ride it and get through it and make the best of it. It doesn’t affect us anyway. We don’t make money from that anyway, it’s not part of our salary.

GR: Like I said, it was leaked two days before the official release. How do you think leaks like this happen?

Josey: Who knows man? It’s trivial. I don’t waste my time with such political trivial bullshit. I’m to focused on building a bridge between your heart and mine. Doing things that matter, touching peoples lives. I don’t worry about anybody downloading my CD. If that’s what keeps the shotgun out of their mouth, then praise the Lord.

SalivaGR: [Laughing] Best Buy has the limited edition of Blood Stained Love Story with a bonus disc containing two additional tracks. Why is there a limited edition as opposed to a twelve-track album?

Josey: I don’t know. Clever marketing. Record company bullshit. Its something we really don’t have a hand in. We recorded about sixteen or seventeen songs for that record. We all give each song what we feel like is its day in court. Each song is a single to us. We don’t ever have any filler on our records. That’s our intent. When you listen to the whole record you can listen to it from the beginning to the end… its not a concept record, it’s a body of work. Each song is just as important as the last. You don’t have two singles and a bunch of bullshit filler. Every song is a piece of our being you know. Its not just art, it’s a piece of us.

GR: The writing process for Blood Stained Love Story started in July of 2005. Why did it take so long to make this album?

Josey: Because we planned on taking a year off and the acting gig I was doing ran into two years. That’s when I was sitting down with Chris. He decided I was going to Hollywood and I wasn’t coming back. I promised the guys that Saliva was my baby and I would never leave them. Just like with the Hero thing. He just got paranoid and it got the best of him you know.

GR: You went off and did Wanted. Tell us a little bit about that. I haven’t talked to you since that all came about.

Josey: It was actually Aaron Spellings last television series that he produced called Wanted. It was a cop show about this elite FBI, LAPD, US Marshalls… somebody from each law enforcement group comes together to hunt down these awful people these child molester, drug dealer, murderous, serial killer mother fuckers. It was a lot of fun. I learned a lot about acting. I got to work with some pros. I was really nervous. Its one thing to chase the rabbit and it’s another thing to catch it. I went to a third audition and saw Dave Mustaine at one of the auditions. He was like, “Awe man, you got the tattoos, your going to get it.” And before you knew it, I had the part. I was really nervous after I had it because it was like, now its time to go to work you know. I had to learn all these lines. I told my Mother, “I have to act like I know what I’m doing until someone figures out that I don’t know what I’m doing.”

GR: [Laughing] What was the hardest part for you? Learning the lines?

Josey: Yeah probably. I’ve always wrote lyrics and poetry and stuff of my own so it’s hard. In school I always had trouble retaining information like reading a story and retaining plot points. Like Nikki Sixx’s book The Dirt, I could quote you chapters full of information from that but I have to be in love with it. I just kind of had to force feed myself the material. I like being a character actor. I don’t call the people on the set their real names; I call them by their character names on the script. But I had a lot of fun. I really got into the character. I got to keep my southern accent. It was really cool.

GR: I heard the character was nothing like you, he was very technical, a techie.

Josey: He was really technical and he was really involved with computers but he was really kinda’ of sexual a freak. I like to think I’m pretty freaky. I’m pretty good in the sack but I’m not…

GR: [Roaring with laughter]

Josey: But I don’t want to stick a curling iron up somebody you know. He was pretty twisted. There was stuff in the script like we were busting this porno shop that had animal play and horse play and all that shit. It was pretty freaky.

SalivaGR: The last time I saw you, you had just got married. You got married at Graceland! Tell us about that. That had to have been awesome.

Josey: We met around… it was probably right after I interviewed with you, right around 2003 and we dated for about a year and got married one year to the day at Graceland. And yeah it was amazing. We were going to get married out in the country at some golf course or something and we went to this thing that the Grammy’s put on called A Salute To Hero’s. The Grammy’s were honoring Ike Turner and Scotty Moore from Elvis’s band, Elvis’s guitar player and his drummer D.J. Fontana so we went, me and my girlfriend at the time went. We were planning on getting married and we were talking backstage and I was shaking and actually crying because I got to take a picture with Elvis’s band.

GR: Because you’re a huge Elvis fan.

Josey: Yes. I’m over there in the corner wiping tears away. Scotty Moore’s wife, this little old lady comes up and starts talking to me and Kendra and she said, “You’re going to get married, that’s so sweet. Since you’re such a big Elvis fan why don’t ya’ll just get married at Graceland?” And we were like, “What?” She was like, “Yeah, they have a little chapel in the woods and this that and the other.” And we were like, “Wow, are you serious?” She set up an appointment and we went down there and toured the grounds and before you know it, it was going down. It was in the paper and it was a pretty big deal. We kinda’ wanted to keep it private but… She’s not used to it but I love publicity and the whole deal and everything. Our wedding invitation came out in the paper. It was really cool it said at the bottom, “Second hand attire required.” So everybody showed up dressed pretty slutty, bustiers, high heels, it was dope.  So we got married at the house. We took some beautiful pictures out in front of Graceland. Across the street in the pavilion we had our reception. We had four different food sections and they were named after Elvis’s movies. They had Viva Las Vegas, Wild In The Country, Kissin’ Cousins it was badass. We had country food like catfish and corn on the cob, fried chicken, shit like that. It was awesome

GR: I recently read that you’re a father now.

Josey: Yes.

GR: Tell me, what’s his name? How old is he? Do tell everything.

Josey: He’s 18 months old today actually, is it the 19th? Four days ago. His name is Justice. Justice Brody. Whatever talent or creativity I have, he’s got it in spades man. He’s already playing harmonica and drums and singing and dancing. He’s a total performer. He’s as charismatic as hell. He’s just walking around when he sees pretty girls and he flashes that smile, they all just melt right there. It’s so awesome. I was a total nerd when I was a kid. I’m still terrified of beautiful women, as nervous as a cat at a dog show.

GR: So are you going to promote that to him? If he likes music so much are you going to encourage him to be a musician?

Josey: If he’s passionate about it, like I know he probably will be, I’ll nurture him. My parents tried to throw me into classes and teaching and all that shit. I was five years old taking drum lessons, I started playing drums first. By the third lesson my teacher walked me out to my dad’s car and said, “I can’t teach this kid anything he’s going to play what the fuck he wants to play.”

SalivaGR: [Laughing]

Josey: I remember him saying that. I thought that meant that I was a failure, that I could not do music. If he would have turned to me and said, “Son what I’m saying is, you play by ear and you like what you hear period.” He wanted me to go dut-dut-dut, dut-dut-dut  and I wanted to be Peter Criss, boom crash smash! Or at least attempt to start doing that. I wanted to go straight to the badass shit. He said, “Your son is going to play whatever the fuck he wants, he’s not going to listen to anybody. He knows what he wants to play and he’s going to do what he wants to.” What he was saying is, this kid has ears and he wants to play what he hears inside his head. It would have been really encouraging but at the time I was devastated, you know, mortified. But I kept playing drums and I didn’t start singing until I was about nine. I hated it; after they found out I could sing… oh I hated my parents for making me sing at every talent show and barbeque contest and everything they could think of. I called them Redneck Stage Parents.

GR: [Laughing]

Josey: But now looking back on it, I really thank God that they did that because they taught me the landscape of my voice at a really young age that I wouldn’t have known otherwise.

GR: Yeah I don’t think people really do appreciate their parents until later on. You have a video for Ladies And Gentleman are there plans for any more videos for the new album?

Josey: We just did something for King Of The Stereo. It was for ESPN. ESPN is doing a lot of stuff with music. We actually did it with this football team, the winningest high school football team in the nation They’re from West Monroe Louisiana. They wanted us to change the song to King Of The Stadium so we went in the studio and it took me like ten minutes… I flipped the words around so we shot a video for King Of The Stadium for a reality show on ESPN.  Its going to be running on there for the next year or so. That’s a good promotional tool you know.

GR: You guys have always been involved in the sport realm with Nascar and wrestling and stuff like that.

Josey: Ladies And Gentleman has done real well, same goes for Nasscar and the NFL Network.

GR: Even though this might be a little premature, even though the album is not quite a year old, are you thinking about the next album?

Josey: Yep. We always do a little bit of writing on the road. But we have just been in a writing frenzy on the road this time. We got the next record ready to go already. We could go into the studio tomorrow and record it. We have two albums worth of material.

GR: You’re going to work with Bob Marlette again?

Josey: Oh yeah.

SalivaGR: That’s great. So if you’re that ready when could we see this new Saliva album?

Josey: We’ll probably take time off for the holidays with our kids and our families then we’ll probably record it in February. Its called MonStar.

GR: You’ve named it already! Can you tell us a little bit about it?

Josey: This record is really heavy. It’s really technical. Not techno. Its sort of … like on each record we have always paid tribute to bands that we love like even on Blood Stained Love Story the song Going Under is our tribute to Coldplay because we like some of Coldplay’s stuff. Twister is our tribute to Blink 182, we like some of their stuff. So different songs are different tributes to bands that have influenced us. And this record is a straight up tribute to Motley Crew, Marilyn Manson, Rob Zombie. You’re only the second person I’ve told that to, the title of the record.

GR: That’s cool. What other scoop can I get from you Josey?

Josey: I have a movie coming out.

GR: You do? Do tell.

Josey: A vampire movie with David from Disturbed. It’s called The Devil Inside.

GR: When is that coming out?

Josey: I don’t know. Its in pre-production right now so it shouldn’t be long.

GR: You seem to have the acting bug. So you want to keep on acting?

Josey: Oh absolutely. As long as it doesn’t get in the way of Saliva and I can get my little creative rocks off and get that money. As long as I can live comfortably and pay my child support and stay out of jail I’m going to do what I gotta’ do. I’m also working on a clothing line.

GR: Oh really?

Josey: Me and Jonny Montoya, our guitar player, are doing a clothing line together. It’s called Angels And Outlaws. It’s still in pre-production. It’s going to be a line. It’s not going to be just t-shirts and hats. It’s going to be some cool shit.

GR: Well Josey, thank you so much for talking to Garage Radio today.

Josey: My pleasure.