Ronnie Borchert Interview

Ronnie Borchert

Michelle LaRose talks with Ronnie Borchert for Southbound Beat Magazine
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Most people will know Ronnie Borchert as the front man for Amsterdam or Trixie. Ronnie is a talented musician who wears many hats, singer, songwriter, guitarist and producer to name a few.

Ronnie’s first solo album aptly titled Ronnie is slated to drop at the beginning of the new year right on the heals of new releases by both Amsterdam and Trixie.

Even with so much on his plate, Ronnie found a few moments in his busy schedule to chat with us.

Ronnie BorchertSBM: Can you tell us a about your new solo album Ronnie?

Ronnie: Well it has twelve songs on it and it has some styles from hard rock to metal to ballads, all kinds of things that I always wanted to do. I just finally did a solo album. I think the production on the CD is along the lines of the Trixie style production. The “Mutt” Lange thing that I try to emulate. I did a loose kind of production on some of them. It has great sound quality. I hope all the people who by my CDs will like it. The CD has a lot of quests on it. Nicole Willard [my sister] sings on it. Kim Racer of Miss Crazy plays the bass on the record. Markus Singer of Miss Crazy sings some parts. Vernon Anderson does some guitar solo’s that rip. Dennis Morehouse and Mark Heaps play drums. Most of the record is me playing all the guitars. It will come out in late January!

SBM: Would Amsterdam or Trixie fans like this album?

Ronnie: I think that they will. It has a feel of both bands and then some. I do all kinds of things for those fans. It will be a good CD for them to have in their collection of my stuff.

SBM: Amsterdam and Trixie also have new albums out. Will you be touring with Amsterdam, Trixie, your solo project or all three?

Ronnie: Trixie I might tour because “Shelter” is doing really well it’s selling better than anything I’ve done. If the solo CD does good enough I will definitely tour it. Amsterdam… Never! I’ve had enough of that band.

SBM: Can you tell us a bit about the new Amsterdam album B.U.R.S.T.?

Ronnie: It is a bunch of songs we recorded over the last thirteen years. It is good stuff we should have released but never did. I like it but sometimes I end up listening and getting pissed thinking of how those guys slacked and didn’t work hard enough to move forward in the biz. I did almost everything for that band.

SBM: What does B.U.R.S.T. mean?

Ronnie: To be honest, I don’t know.

SBM: Can you tell us about the new Trixie album Shelter?

Ronnie: Well, It is the best CD I have recorded sound wise. Miss Crazy’s latest is close. The reviews have been overwhelming. I think it is the CD that Motley Crue and Def Leppard should have done. It seems like the records the fans want from them that they don’t get so I do it. I know what Rock fans want. I did a CD for those people who can’t get it from them. Rock songs that have the best hooks and sound quality.

SBM: The Trixie albums all have a beautiful blonde on them. Is that Trixie? Who’s Trixie? Is there a Trixie?

Ronnie: Speed Racer’s girlfriend is Trixie. The girl is Jen Hilton,; she is on all the records. It just works she fits the sound. We always use her. She’s a Canadian girl from Vancouver.

SBM: You have been an accomplished guitarist for many years. Does there come a point in a guitarist’s career where there is nothing left to learn of your instrument?

Ronnie: Hell no. I can always be better. I learn something every year. I know I can play but I don’t rule yet. I can always learn something new.

SBM: You’re also an accomplished songwriter who has written for many different bands. When you’re writing, do you keep in mind who you are writing for?

Ronnie: Not really. I try to write and think of a good song no matter who it is I give it my best. Sometimes bands get really happy about it and record them. Some bands that have still owe me money. I gave them songs and they sold records and where’s my money? Marq Torein! Fuck! Whatever. Neil Turbin stiffed me too. I signed him to a deal, played on three songs, wrote three songs and got zero money! Who cares? Those dudes will get their own. I forgive them. Still they’re lame.

SBM: And yet another hat. You’re also a producer. What are the benefits and pitfalls of being a producer?

Ronnie: You can get the best things when you do it. You make a better product. I have done some bands and thought it was ok and did some bands like Miss Crazy and watched them get pretty big and sell a lot. Downfalls are the people like The Bullet Boys who give you nothing for helping them.

Ronnie BorchertSBM: Can you tell us a bit about Nicole Willard and her new album?

Ronnie:  I produced some of it and wrote some of it. She is my sister. She can sing really good. She let me play guitar on almost all of it. I think she has some great stuff on the CD. In January we will all find out! Chris brown from Trapt produced some stuff and wrote some stuff too. We wrote a few songs together for her. She has some amazing talents.

SBM: You and your sister are both musically inclined. Was music encouraged in your home when you were growing up?

Ronnie: More for her. I was the rebel kid who they thought was just a dreamer and I should have a plan “B”. Well now they have seen what I can do and they dig it. I help my sister a lot. I have a plan “B”, “C” and  “D”! Hahahahaha! Rock!

SBM: Thank you for taking the time to speak with Southbound Beat Magazine today Ronnie.

Ronnie: Thank You Michelle! Anytime you want to chat… Say “Hello” to Ray Carver for me. Check out and get all the CDs I have ever done or download them. My solo CD will be the latest. God Bless!