Lamb Of God Interview

Lamb Of God

Michelle LaRose talks with John Campbell and Willy Adler for Metal Masters
Photographs by Michelle LaRose

Hey. Welcome to Metal Masters. I hope you’re enjoying the show so far. Tonight we have caught up with Lamb Of God. Finally. We’ve been trying to catch these guys for a while. We finally caught them! I have the pleasure of speaking with John and Willy tonight.

Lamb Of GodMM: I’m going to ask John the first question. John, You guys are out promoting your brand new album, Ashes Of The Wake. Is it doing as well as you had hoped for?

John: Well considering we’re just five drunks from Virginia it’s doing amazingly well. I never would have thought it would have sold like that. I think J-Lo’s probably out selling us, as well as other people on our label. Ah, it’s a good time and everything’s going great for us.

MM: You have a new DVD coming out called Killadelphia. What can we expect to see on that?

Willy: You can expect to see a lot of things other people wouldn’t put on their DVD’s. There’s a live show that was actually filmed at The Tracadaro in Philadelphia. It’s cut up between that and a lot of “B” roll footage of what happens on the bus and on tour.

MM: They’re slightly controversial as you can see we’re doing this interview in the shower. We couldn’t quite get them naked today but we’re working on it! I’d like to talk about a few controversial things. You have a video, Now You Have Something To Die For. Apparently people didn’t want to play that but it’s edited in such a way that we can play it now, the edited version. What did we edit out of this video that we couldn’t show?

John: Sheer brutal stupidity.

[Michelle laughing]

John: All that stuff will not be censored on the DVD. That video is made up of shots of the DVD that we were shooting. Everything in there is laid out in the DVD.

MM: Ok, we’re going to see it censored here on Metal Masters because we don’t want to upset the FCC.

John: It’s not that bad.

MM: I saw the edited version and I don’t know what you could put in it to make it that bad.

John: It’s just they didn’t like the brutality of the scenes that were cut. There was some violence they didn’t appreciate.

Lamb Of GodMM: I love this. You guys have been banned from the Forum in Inglewood California. You’re on tour with Slipknot right now. They’re going to play the show but you’re not. Why?

Willy: That was strictly their decision. It is currently owned and operated by a private church and they found reason to not take well to our former name which is pretty much all the research they did.

MM: Burn The Priest was the former name. Well I say High Five to you guys because morbid curiosity is only going to make people want you more.

Willy: That’s the way it seems.

MM: Like when The Hills Have Eyes was banned, everybody wanted to see that movie.

John: More people have heard of us because of them banning us than had we played the show.

MM: Absolutely. That’s what I’m saying. Bad press can be the best press. These guys have been banned so check them out! Tell me, what is The Wall Of Death?

John: It’s an old punk rock thing that Randy put in our show for a while. You split the crowd in two and form two lines that would crash together. We started off Ozzfest doing that and the insurance companies came back and said, “You can’t do that any more” because too many people were getting hurt. When you do it with a large crowd with kids that have been out in the sun all day and they’re just pumped up beyond belief… A lot of bones were getting broken. We’ve opted out of doing The Wall Of Death anymore because it really sucks seeing kids get hurt.

MM: Here we go with Now You’ve Got Something To Die For with Lamb Of God right here on Metal Masters.

Lamb Of God