God Forbid Interview

God Forbid

Michelle LaRose talks with Byron Davis for Metal Masters
Photographs by Michelle LaRose

Hi welcome to Metal Masters. This is Michelle. Tonight we would like to thank our special sponsors the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Southern Wine and Spirits. Tonight our special guest is Byron from God Forbid.

God ForbidMM: Ok Byron, where are you guys from?

Byron: New Jersey.

MM: Welcome to Florida, its good to have you here. Your newest album is Gone Forever and it came out in February?

Byron: February 24th 2004.

MM: How’s the album doing for you?

Byron: It’s doing pretty good so far. We really can’t complain. We’ve been on the road ever since then promoting the album. Trying to get it out to people here and there. We’ve already gone to Europe and we’re going back to Europe after this [Ozzfest]. The response has been really well. We’re just looking for great things to happen in the future.

MM: Nice. That’s “Gone Forever”, it’s out right now. We are currently catching you at Ozzfest. Have you been on Ozzfest before?

Byron: Nah. This is our first time this year.

MM: This is your first time. Do you like it? What’s it been like for you being on Ozzfest?

Byron: It’s been amazing. It’s been hell but it’s been amazing. I mean to adjust your drinking lifestyle to getting up at 9:00 in the morning and play every day. Just trying to stay on top of your game because there are a lot of hungry bands out there trying to accomplish things. You’ve just got to stay focused even though the partying keeps going.

MM: Is Ozzfest something you think you’d do next year?

Byron: If we were invited back, definitely. It’s a great opportunity to put you out in front of a lot of fans. You get to get your music to the masses. It’s a bigger crowd with you know, better averages.

MM: There’s hearsay that the band might be going to Japan?

Byron: Yeah. We’re actually leaving four days after this tour ends for Japan. We’re doing like three days of press with Chimaira and In Flames and then we’re home to do some local stuff. Five shows in our local area, New York and Rhode Island. After that, October 9th we leave for Europe for fifty-two shows with Machine Head.

MM: That was going to be my next question… You’ve already been to Europe, you’re going back again in October, is that something you’re looking forward to?

God ForbidByron: Yeah. We’re looking forward to it but we’re dreading it at the same time because we’re going to places we’ve never been to before and there may be language barriers. We’re definitely looking forward to playing with Machine Head again and getting to new spots in the world so we can smack em’ upside the head with some New Jersey metal. It’s all a good time. We want to get back to the States definitely after that and do some more touring.

MM: I’ve been reading some reviews on you and some critics compare you to other bands. One that comes to mind is Kill Switch Engage. When you’re compared to other bands like that, is it a compliment to you or is it a slap in the face?

Byron: Well it depends on the band that they’re comparing you to. There are some bands out there that are really crappy. Then there are some bands that are really good. Luckily we’ve been fortunate enough to be grouped in with the other good bands. Us and Kill Switch Engage have been doing this for a long time. As far as comparison goes, I guess the biggest thing you can say is that we are both melodic, we’re both thrashy, we’re both heavy and intense, we’re both obviously from the East coast. As far as comparisons go, that’s as far as you can take it. We’ve been in this game for a long time. Right now the light is being shined on us. We’re just trying to make the most of any opportunities that we are afforded.

MM: I saw something funny on the internet I have to find out about. Let’s see if this is true. What is this about Doc throwing boxes at Hatebreed?

Byron: I don’t know anything about that.

MM: No dirt on that one! I heard he was throwing boxes at them.

Byron: He probably was. I mean, whatever. It’s a party. Hatebreed is family to us. We were there when they first came out. Jamie’s doing his thing and the band is doing their thing. It’s mad love between us. We have a lot of love for East coast bands and them being from Connecticut is just another branch of our family. We played the Legion Hall shows with them. We played shows with them before when they were coming to shows without gear. It is what it is. They’re friends with us and we’re friends with them. We’re just out here having a good time. Trying to pick up where the older cats and the older bands have left off. Just trying to keep the metal alive and let people know that the underground still exists. Every now and then bands just spring up on you.

MM: All right Byron, I’d like to thank you for being here today. For more information on God Forbid you can go to GodForbid.com…

Byron: GodForbid1.com. We have two sites.

MM: Oh, I didn’t know that. GodForbid or GodForbid1.com. Now here’s Antihero by God Forbid right here on Metal Masters.

God Forbid