Cinder Interview


Michelle LaRose talks with Roger Young for Metal Masters
Photographs by Michelle LaRose

You’re rocking out on Metal Masters. I hope you are enjoying the show tonight. We’ve got a lot more coming up for you so stick around. We’re getting ready to play Cinder’s Soul Creation but before we do we’re going to talk to Cinder. Tonight I have Roger Young with me.

CinderMM: Roger, it’s been about a year since we’ve caught up with you. We found you at Guavaween 2003 playing with Static-X and Switchfoot. What have you guys been doing for the last year?

Roger: Recovering from the hangover from that show.

MM: I would totally believe that!

Roger: That was a great party. It was a great time. We’ve been doing a lot of writing and getting stuff ready for the second album. Not that the first one’s out yet.

MM: The second album is coming out… that was another question I had for you but before that… The first album is Break Your Silence. The really cool thing about that album is you had a little bit of help from Scott Weiland of Stone Temple Pilots fame. Now how does a relatively unknown band get somebody like that to help you out on an album?

Roger: Kidnapping

[Both laughing]

Roger: We, through our record label, an A & R guy, hooked us up. We were talking about collaboration with R & B and rap. They always collaborate with everybody. Rock hasn’t done that since, I don’t know, Temple Of The Dog or something like that. We thought it’d be a good idea, we were just talking about it outside the studio and they said, “Who would you like to do that with?” I said, “Scott Weiland”, he was the first guy out of my mouth. A couple weeks later he walked through the door. Must have been all the money.

MM: That’s fantastic! You must have been on Cloud Nine!

Roger: I was. I was.

MM: You said you have a new album coming out. So you guys are working on a new album, correct?

Roger: We’re working on a new album, not that the first one’s out yet. We’re switching record labels and we’re going to put a hold on it for a few minutes. So we’re going to go in, we’re going to put a couple new tracks on it. So for those people that have already bootlegged it… Get some more stuff on it and then we’re going to work on the second album right away.

MM: You have toured with Creed and Sevendust. They’re pretty big names. When you were out on tour with them did you learn anything?

Roger: Creed’s a great band. They were really great to us. But I think we learned the most from Sevendust. They’re just road warriors. They tour like 367 days a year! They’re always on the road and they know how its done. We learned a lot from those guys.

MM: We’re getting ready to go into the video Soul Creation. Let’s talk about that for a second. Where was this filmed at?

[shouts from off-screen, “Roger’s short!”]

MM: Roger’s short as you can tell.

[Roger hugs Michelle. Both laugh]

CinderMM: Where was Soul Creation filmed at?

Roger: Soul Creation was filmed in Los Angeles at the site of the movie Seven with Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman. Spooky rooms. It was a lot of fun.

MM: This is a pretty basic rock video we’re getting ready to see. Do you go in and just play the song and the director says, “That’s it!” or do you have to play it like 1000 times?

Roger: About a thousand times. A thousand and one. Right.

MM: Seriously, really how many times?

Roger: I don’t think I’m exaggerating. It was an all day affair. It was really cool, the building we were in. Like I said we did do it about a thousand times, yeah. I think I know the words by now.

MM: I hope so. He’s got to play tonight! I was trying to find information about you guys on the internet. What is your web site address?

Roger: Ah, it’s changed up. It’s

MM: Dot net. That’s what we want you guys to know. It used to be and now its So that’s what we want to get straight right here and now. If you want to search for more Cinder information it’s going to be

Roger: It will go back to dot com eventually.

MM: Ok. So it’ll be both. Dot com and dot net. is where you’ll get more information on Roger and Cinder. I was also searching on the net and…

Roger: Schweg Web!

MM: Schwegweb, they do CD reviews, record reviews and they did a review on you. Now listen, here’s the question for you. Does this make you laugh or does this piss you off? The first song on the album was listed as Soul Chicken.

Roger: [Laughs. Covers face. Turns back to camera]

MM: I think I have my answer! It made him laugh! And with that I’m going to say thank you Roger for taking time out of your busy schedule to talk with Metal Masters. Here we go right now on Metal Masters and Cinder with Soul Chicken!

[Roger laughing again]